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Thomas Schoenberger has lots of excuses why he not only booked over 2 dozen bands and then failed to pay them, he had already spent there money on his personal business.

In the Contra Costa Courthouse, there is a document that shows Thomas Schoenberger giving testimony that he sold North Bay Entertainment in 2007 when in fact he operated til April 2009.

Thomas Schoenberger has had an long term partnership agreement with Steven Leflar since 2008. That includes an $18,000.00 to Thomas Schoenberger in 2004 and Steven Leflar is still owed $6000.00.

Thomas Schoenberger is a liar. he was the owner of record for dozens of bands that were never paid, and somehow Thomas claims that he owes nobody. the fact is that Thomas Schoenberger, now working under the company name AEC, still owe well in excess of 200,000 dollars to musicians and artists. He owes Steven Leflar a total of $247,000. 00 and that's one of the reasons he is Cyber Stalking Steven Leflar and many others.

The only reason North Bay Entertainment is listed under nobody’s name is that Thomas Schoenberger is guilty of embezzling $115,000.00 from his own company prior to 2008 has been sued over 7 times in various courts and found guilty of ripping of bands and agencies as well as individuals.

Thomas Schoenberger is an internet stalker and *** man. The most recent rip off from Thomas Schoenberger borrowed $3000.00 to rent a place to live and never paid him back is going to be served for small claims court..

Take a look at this link. It shows a partial list of the good people ripped off by Thomas Schoenberger.

Thomas Schoenberger makes all these ridiculous claims because was exposed in 2009 for the thief he is.

Check out his YouTube posting claiming 9 Million views. He has maybe 3 or 4 hundred. He uses robots and has been reported to YouTube. His channel will down soon like the phony Facebook page and two website accounts being frozen due to harrasment and false content.

Thomas Grow Up!!

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FBI is going to take this Asswipe down!

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