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Child predator Thomas Schoenberger continues to stalk various people, with increasingly desperation. Now he has Larry Lynch listed as his supposed best friend from 1987. That is hilarious! We all know that Schoenberger ripped off North Bay Entertainment $115, 000, 00 and then stalked several people and there family on line, there are 3 websites showing who Schoenberger really is with a 4th coming soon. Now a document is circulating through event circles that seems to *** Schoenberger even more than he already is. The fact is that it looks like Leflar lied under oath in a Napa courtroom, claiming he sold North Bay Entertainment in 2007 when in fact he was contracting under North Bay Entertainment in 2009.

It seems that Schoenberger has now lost all his support because everybody in the industry will have nothing to do with him due to his attack on those who have exposed him for the person he is.

It seems that as the facts get known, the websites on Schoenberger are backed with documentation and video exposing him.

As Schoenberger weakens and his lies are exposed, any and all people are urged to keep their children from this person, since it has been alleged that he is a child predator, a charge that evidently has merit.

A number of event planners and wedding professionals, including one named "Mary" have come out against Schoenberger in recent month's , with many declaring they are avoiding anything to do with this dangerously unhinged individual. Please stand by our valley and do not hire a known criminal named Thomas Schoenberger for any events. He is a sociopath and very bad news.

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Steve Leflar posted this. Steve Leflar is a child predator and Thomas and myself went to the police with our son to report him

Steve Leflar will end up in prison when this is all over.

Steve Leflar rippedn us off, attacked up on line and then ripped off Kier LaCrosse Ron Israel, Sheila Groves, and 40 other musicians.Steve Leflar is a psychopath and needs to be in a hospital. Do not let Leflar near children.He was eyeing our son in a weird way and Thomas and I both decided this Leflar man was bad news.

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