My company, Simply the Best Entertainment, and my name, Eric Symons, has been the subject of on line stalking by my former employer, the former owner of North Bay Entertainment, Thomas Schoenberger, and now his new business partner, Linda Barrett. I say formal because the company no longer exists.

Thomas has stooped to the point of hiring actors to defame me and my business on videos posted on youtube.com. and pissedconsumer.com.

Thomas began a campaign of anonymous posts againt me in 2010. At one point he tried to have his original posts taken down from sites such as this.

He does all of this because a series of web sites that his former business partner has put on line to tell his side of the story of the downfall of North Bay Entertianment. I did not create these sites and have absolutely no control over these.

I do not condone using the internet as a playground. I have been called a child stalker by Barrett and Schoenberger in an effort to scare my clients. I have received extortionary threats from Barrett and Schoenberger that if northbay.net, stbdjs.com, and God knows what else comes down of the internet they will cease to defame my name and reputation on line.

Since I have reached out to these individuals to inform them that I have no control of those sites they still continue a war against me that now includes writting defamatory emails to my clients and professional organizations to which I belong. For trying to communicate with Barrett and Schoenberger they now call me a stalker, eventhough they send me emails anytime they want, leave messages on my phone, etc.

Schoenberger knows that I have avoided this online war and high for several years taken the high road and want nothing to do with his war with Steven Leflar. Leflar has his own business in the Sacramento area and Thomas should leave me out of his war.

More to follow soon....

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Eric, Have you ever considered that they might be human traffickers, or comitting fraud? If they have no personal or romantic ties to you, they should have left you alone by now.

You already told them you have no control over what another person did.

Why do they continue to harass you? There is something wrong with that.

San Luis Obispo, California, United States #683372

My name is Melissa I am Linda's daughter. I believe my mother is being scammed by this man as well, but my mother is a over believing person and I am afraid she will be taken advantage of.

Seeing her name like this breaks my heart! If you knew her you would not say this about her! I know my mom would not harm or talk bad about anyone,! I'm sure that dude will read this and I will be looking over my shoulder and probably not recieving calls from her because he's so controlling!

Keeping her at arms length and on the phone for hours and hours...I would love to talk to you either in person or over the phone.

I am willing to give you my home number because I am in fear for my mom! 805-467-9107

to Anonymous #706466


You were arrested for prerscription fraud

to Anonymous Cotati, California, United States #706577


Thanks Melissa

This is Eric

You are clearly working for you stalker mom

Your arrest record for perscription fraud will be posted on line soon

I see your son also has a record

Good try

All my best


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